The true story of a hot pitch that left us cold.

This afternoon I was lucky enough to have lunch with my grown son who normally spends all of his time in Guam or under the Pacific Ocean. He’s home on leave for a few days and we wanted to eat one of his favorite gastronomic delights: Down home Southern BBQ. We took a little drive to a delightful rural town with lots of new, appealing looking restaurants and cafes.

A clever sign with a pink pig prominently displayed beckoned to us. We went in 100% sure of eating there if the right indicators of porcine goodness were in place.

A Good BBQ Place Must:

* Smell a little smoky and divine

*Look clean, especially in the kitchen

*Have lots of people eating there

*Have a proprieter who looks like he actually understands the glorious, juicy goodness of BBQ done right.

We got a guy who just looked out of place but was trying to sell us hard on eating there. I’ll bet he eats BLT sandwiches with the crust cut off.

How to Make a Bad Sales Effort

He said all the “right” things for any late night infomercial or high pressure pitch (gag), but the counter looked dirty, the place was almost empty at lunch time, and he was trying way too hard. He even pressured me for my email address as we scooted out the door “so I could be notified of the daily specials.”

What would have happened if he’d spend more time being congenial and working on having a QUALITY product? It makes my mind swim.

We had a terrific lunch elsewhere, came home, and then and I saw this:


How to NOT sell something to my generationHow to NOT sell something to my generation-1

I love this guy!!