Are you as in love with Social Media as I am? If so, then are you interested in becoming more involved with it on a professional level, either in terms of teaching people how to use it or in more hands on Social Media strategizing? I suggest weaving it in with something that you already know and love, such as copywriting or, in my case, web design. Every now and then I get a message like this:

“Hey, Lori! I’m a web content writer looking to offer social media management/consulting as a service. I know lots of stuff about SoMe from a personal level, but could use some tips on consulting other people/businesses. (Hope that makes sense.) Do you happen to have a few resources that you turned to when you started consulting? Anything would help. Thanks!”

“I’m struggling with two things about doing this: 1. What would I charge; and 2. Will this mean I’ll be a slave to my computer (or iPhone) 24/7.”

Very wise questions indeed!!

  1. Resources for people getting started? That’s a tough question. I’ve read lots of books and posts and participated in seminars on the subject, but I guess the most informative and gratifying thing I can suggest would be to become active on LinkedIn.  Join groups of professionals involved with Social Media and share your expertise as well as benefit from the generous tips from others.  You can even ask questions, as I did when I was dealing with the issue of getting content stolen. People were very helpful – and informative!!
  2. Concerning what to charge, LinkedIn would again be my choice.  So much depends on what kind of job you’re being asked to do. My advice? Ask LOTS of questions before committing to anything and create a kind of structure so that everybody understands where they are in the process and what the expectations are.
  3. Remember who you are and what your particular passion is with Social Media.  Be true to yourself and you’ll shine.
  4. Will you be a slave to your mobile device or computer? Only if you choose to be.  I check in periodically throughout the day, but don’t stay on all the time. Take control of your schedule and your time or it will run you and the results won’t be any better.
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Nobody’s talking about this stuff

Remember, Social Media is all about lightly relating with people, not a deadly race for ROI (Return On Investment).  This isn’t widgets for the masses.  It’s connecting in a real way with people and giving them something interesting, informative, and maybe even entertaining. 😉