These signs will clue you in:

  • They tend to work late into the night on special projects because of the uninterrupted time
  • They are magnetically drawn to design and tutorial sites and can never learn or see enough
  • Sexy new Tech gadgets captivate them
  • Other professional business owners seek them out for their design services
  • They have to be told to eat, get dressed, etc. while working on a deadline because they’re so focused

It’s inevitable.

Whenever people around me start talking about starting up or growing an existing business the conversation often turns to logos, business cards, and websites. Oftentimes they’ll have a friend who’s handy on the computer and willing to do the logo for beer or as a favor, but this can be treacherous ground. My buddy Martin Koss did a great job of discussing this in the above post, so I’ll just share a story with you about Lansdowne Pub, a rugby bar that my hubby helped to build a few years back.

A guy on the team said he could do logos.

Wow! Great news, right! Free logo help from a buddy on the team and no worries about

  • business cards that look professional
  • signage that looks clean and sharp
  • having T-shirts printed
  • having hats and shirts embroidered
  • getting posters made
  • having a clean logo to give to advertisers, both online and print


But that’s not how it turned out at all!  This buddy on the team had terrific ideas for the logo, drew up something nice in MS Paint, and then turned it over in exchange for lots of beer.  Unfortunately, however, it was just a jpg copy by the time I was asked to step in and to “save” the logo. Then he graduated and moved away. Uh oh!!

Here’s some handy, free advice that can save your skin:

Always, always, always (did I mention ALWAYS?) ask to get a copy of your logo in a vector format as well as jpg and png formats!! More on this another time, but trust me, you want a scalable piece of artwork so that it looks clean and true no matter how large you make it.

My friend Dustin at Lansdowne Pub was stuck without lots and lots of promotional opportunities for his new business because he didn’t have a vector file for his logo. Sometimes it’s easily convertible, sometimes, as this case, it was a beast.  I went to Robert Pancake, animator and illustrator extraordinaire and he couldn’t figure out anything better to do than I was doing which made me feel better and worse all at the same time, because it took hours and hours of detailed, eye-ball wearying work to get it right, when it could have been done right the first time.

Lansdowne Road Irish Pub logo

No matter how easy it looks to get a quickie logo, go with a design pro!

With your street smarts and this handy little field guide you’ll do just fine!

If you’re interested in learning more about my logo design services contact me! Meanwhile, stay out of the bars for your design needs unless you know the person sitting next to you is actually a pro!

Just asking, what other legit business services would you seek help for in a bar?