How do you manage your Time? 


If you’re a Freelancer or a Writer of any kind, you know how important it is to show up to write regularly.

How do you fit it in when you have a family, friends, and probably a full time job?

I finally gave up

and decided to hire a pro to help me figure out how best to focus my energies. If you’ve been around me for any time at all you might say I’m a professional cat herder. It comes with the Social Media Expert job. Something new comes out and you have to check it out to see what it’s made of and if it’s worthwhile. Early adopters are rewarded big time, so this really does matter. Even though it looks like a cat herder’s convention.

In fact…

My Coach requires all of her clients to read Time Management from the Inside Out. Today I got a list of lists to start keeping about how I use my time. One of them is where I name an activity, estimate how long the activity takes, and then record how long it actually took. I’m a Professional Cat Herder. Is there any hope for me?

What works for you? Would you ever agree to write down all your activities and how long they took for the next 2 weeks?

Do you think I’ll survive?

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