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There comes a time for every Home Office working girl when some definite boundaries need to be set.

For example:

  • All dogs will be quiet and mannerly. Especially when I’m on the phone or Skype. World of Stock Angel Dog
  • I work by appointment and project, so there’s some flexibility for working evenings and weekends on occasion, but it’s not a sustainable lifestyle for this happy newlywed and Mom. I’m talking to myself here.
  • Facebook and Twitter are a riot, but they get less time everyday. I’ll still love quality time with my buddies online, but I can’t pop in quite as often.
  • Tea pots will be supervised while boiling water so that they don’t melt all over the range, a favorite new hobby of mine that I’ll be discontinuing. It’s dangerous.
  • Get all the way dressed in the morning before checking messages and writing for the day.
  • Leave the desk for good and change into PJ’s at a decent hour.
  • Exercise. Yes, really. It used to be a daily addiction. 🙂
  • Actually take time to have lunch out with friends occasionally. It makes me more human.

Laugh more. Accept that I’m not curing cancer over here and that it’s OK not to stress about things while I’m not working on them.

Write more. It gives me intense pleasure.

What’s working for you? 🙂