This conversation happened during our epic Pages Gone Wild:

It got me thinking about how differently people think about interaction on Facebook Fan Pages.

Beauregard asked me to remove him from the Pages Gone Wild listing not because he didn’t love the activity and convenient boost in his fan base, but because he didn’t like having people comment on his wall. Ever.

  • Hi Beauregard! (Not really his name, but you figured, didn’t you?)

    I’ve respected your wishes and removed your Fan page from the listings.

    I hope you got lots of new likes to spread the reach of your message! It’s very nice to meet you.


  • Saturday


    • I removed it also…i just wish others would respect them, too
    • It’s just a different frame of mind. With most people it’s understood that you leave a “trail of breadcrumbs” so that people can tell if you’ve honestly liked their page or not.

      It’s up to the Page owner to delete these breadcrumbs afterward or not.

      Facebook loves Pages with lots of interaction and gets those pages to the newsfeed more often. Average page only makes it into the newsfeed 1% of the time.

      My intentions are noble. Sorry it collided with you sensibilities, but it’s all cool over here!

      Happy Easter!!

    What are your sensibilities about commenting on Facebook Fan Pages? What makes sense? Please share!

  • Lori