Do you have fresh ideas or a message you want to share with the world?

You can have the goose that lays the golden eggs…

a golden egg among white ones

but if nobody knows about it…

broken golden egg
You miss opportunities!

Especially with Pages Gone Wild going on right now through to the 29th, people have already gotten over 100 likes just for being there, meeting cool new people, and liking their Pages.

If you don’t have a frame of reference to appreciate that, some of my social media buddies have told me that their clients suffered to get one new like a week on their pages before paying for professional help.

This is free.

Need a Page? Don’t procrastinate! Here’s my easy Facebook Fan Page Tutorial. If you really want to get moving in a hurry hire me to do a simple one for you for $175 (with one day turnaround) or a fancy one with a landing page (like mine) for $500.

It’s all up to you. But please, please for your own good move on this and get yourself a Page built and participate in the Event.

You’d be nuts not to!

Have a friend or family member with a blog and/or business that is struggling to get out the word? Please share this with them!