Do you have a site where you display an interactive Facebook “Like” box? Whether it’s being hosted on Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace, or wherever, odds are really good that your “Like” box has been acting up.  For some people this involves having the “Like” box look just fine, but then having it re-direct to another Facebook Page! For some, it’s meant having the “Like” box look and act just fine on the home page, and then look strange and not work on blog pages.

Whatever your Facebook “Like” Box issue is today, help is on the way!

To keep things simple, I created this 3 minute tutorial that steps you all the way through changing out the code on your Facebook “Like” Box on a WordPress site, though you can use this for any site where you can access the code.

(Otherwise, it’s time to call your webmaster/webmistress.  Ooh! Always sounds racy, doesn’t it? Webmistress … brings up all kinds of visions that just don’t apply to web design.)

And now back to your regularly scheduled Facebook “Like” Box video tutorial!

Have your Facebook Profile or Page been acting strange lately? Or has it been business as usual?

Do tell!!

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