white-faux-fur-coatJust yesterday there was talk on Huffington Post about that Facebook is going to pass on our addresses and phone numbers to third parties. There was a lot of discussion notables such as Jesse Stay that this just isn’t so.

My view is that we should be prepared because we just don’t know what might come along that compromises Facebook’s security, whether they sanction it or not.

Consider these wonderful innovations:

  • Fake furs
  • Imitation leather in cars
  • Trompe l’oreille
  • Shapewear f/k/a girdles
  • Fake eyelashes

Fake Eyelashes

None of these are honest to goodness real, and there’s probably a time and place for some of them. I can promise you that I’ve never worn fake eyelashes, but this doesn’t mean that I’m not openminded, given the occasion. 😉

I say a put little faux into your Facebook settings and keep third party invaders guessing!