My mind is mush right now.

After a quietly productive morning and early afternoon of site design, correspondence, and general organizational activity, I checked into Twitter and Facebook, as I do every couple hours during the day since I work to stay on top of Social Media Trends.  After some light banter & news, I discovered this from my buddy Bonnie:

“Wow- schools on lockdown because of a shooter.”

Bonnie lives nearby. We both have kids in school.

A couple of suspects were involved in a car jacking and shot at two police officers. One cop is dead. The remaining suspect, Jamie Hood, is driving through Winterville, Ga, as I write, in an attempt to evade the area’s combined police forces. I doubt he’ll get away, but there again he’s been at this for 2 hours now and they haven’t stopped him. Very reassuring.

I called the school office and the switchboard is jammed. Within moments though, there were helpful links everywhere online via Facebook:

There are more sources, but these were the first ones that appeared on my news feed.

Twitter expressed how I feel, in different cultural terms:

“Damn a n____ shot and killed a cop in athens…. That country mf is gone”

It’s just such a SHOCK when something like this happens so close to home.

I’m writing this, though, because I’m amazed that Facebook is the reason I knew my kid’s school was on lock down. The breaking news and all the important details were there, thankfully.


  • The phone lines were so jammed that I couldn’t call my daughter’s phone…
  • The school’s phone lines were “overloaded” and nobody could respond…
  • The school didn’t send me an email, probably because they care deeply for our kids and were more concerned with safety than parental notification. I get that, but it’s an important point.

There was no normal way I could have learned about this, working from a home office as I do, except via Social Media.

Some people whinge and moan about Social Media. I love it and am grateful that it’s available to me, especially in times like this. For crying out loud, I practically know where the shooter is driving right now, with all the live news coverage available. Makes me glad to know for sure that he’s not likely to come knocking on my door.

Hope he gets caught very soon. Odds are good I’ll find out first on Facebook.

What are your experiences with breaking news and Social Media?