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[amazon_link id=”1591843847″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Evil Plans[/amazon_link] started off as a vaguely intriguing book given to me by the somewhat likeable Curmudgeon I chatted with (a/k/a bestselling author I later discovered). I met Hugh MacLeod at SXSW in the Mashable freebies room. We were both in search of fresh coffee, bagels, and a quiet moment before embarking on the day.

He was complaining about how large SXSW has gotten and as a newcomer I felt vaguely guilty and chose to listen closely rather than to give myself away as one of those evil newcomers to the party.

A couple days later I recognized him in the Samsung bloggers lounge. He quietly walked into the room with a few boxes of books, set up a table, and people lined up to meet him and get an autographed copy. Being a swagophile by nature and having met him already I was intrigued. He hadn’t mentioned anything about being a best selling author, internet sensation, any of that. He was just a curmudgeon/SXSW old-timer momentarily growling about crowds and apparent loss of soul.

Hugh MacLeod turns out to be like most curmudgeons I’ve loved getting to know. He’s the kindest hearted, truthful, inspirational author I’ve had the privilege to read in a long time, if ever. He tells the truth. All real artists tell the truth about stuff in a way that’s surprising somehow.

Sometimes it shocks you a little. Or a lot.

I expected one of those rambling “I guess I need to monetize this now” blog-turned-books with lots of plain, vaguely related chapters, but what I got was probably a blog-turned-book with lots of heart and brilliant business savvy.

Hugh’s like your crabby Uncle with a heart of gold who lets you taste his gin and tonic at family dinners when nobody’s looking and simplifies years of business experience into a single ringing truth that resonates with you.  Most of his chapters hit me that way. My guts were screaming yes as I either laughed out loud on this plane from Atlanta to San Francisco, or teared up and had to look out the window for a few moments to let my vision clear. In more ways than one.

Thank you Hugh. Sending you curmudgeoney hugs and lots of love.

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