The Porker (my dog)Some people are going to fuss at me for posting this.

I can just feel the little prickles on the back of my neck telling me people will say

“It’s because I feed him every night!”

“It’s because I give him unexpected treats!”

“It’s because I take him for walks!”

But the real reason your dog loves you is because you’re “for real” with your dog.

Consider this for a moment. If your dog greets you with joyful tail wags I’m willing to bet that you never

  • Put on airs and pretend to be somebody you’re not
  • Try to be perfect
  • Do things with him that neither of you enjoy, but fulfill some sense of obligation

How is taking your business online any different?

People are a lot smarter than dogs so it only makes sense that we can sniff out a fake pretty quickly. Even if you’re not being true to yourself because you don’t think you’re enough or haven’t really figured out what you’re doing yet, the outcome is the same.

You deserve better.

  • Start paying attention to what energizes you and do those things
  • Stand up for what you believe in
  • Refuse to allow yourself to be a weak version of somebody else

Be yourself and just the right clients will be attracted to you online. I promise.

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