Listening & Messaging
Listening & Messaging are equally important

Yesterday started pretty rough. The older dog got sick all over the hallway just outside my office. He’s a big dog, so you may well imagine the sights and sounds that assailed the olfactory center in my brain. It practically hurt to breathe. lol If you’ve ever changed a messy diaper you get the general idea. And then my younger son was pretty sick with a cold. It hurts to see somebody you love just curled up, pale, and miserable. The old dog sat with him and commiserated while I raced upstairs to my interview in time with Curtis Franklin of Enterprise Efficiency.

I’ve known Curtis for a few years now and have always enjoyed his colorful personality and sharp wit.

Brilliance + Kindness + A Sense of Humor = A Good Friend in my book.

Curtis and I were all set to have live BlogTalk interview, including a Q&A session in the crowded, action packed messaging session in the chatroom afterward. I was all excited about the interview, but admittedly a little off balance right beforehand, because of the swampy odor drifting under the door into my office (no time to clean it all up yet!) and the knowledge that I had a full line-up of appointments amid all these circumstances.

Somehow it all just came together.

Curtis is a phenomenal interviewer. He set me at ease almost instantly by asking a terrific question, and we went from there. Frankly, the ideas and stories kept popping as we dove deeper into the mysteries of Online Reputation Management. Believe it or not, most people think ORM is just the practice of finding negative references to your name online and either removing them (much like the mess in the hallway awaiting my attention) or covering them up with nice ones. That’s not my business at all. My philosophy is that a great ORM is crucial to everybody from now on, (most employers Google you and check you out on Facebook as part of the hiring process) and that you need to build a solid listening and messaging platform that helps people as it educates them about what you do. It’s about building community.

Listen here if you want to go deeper into creating a hot brand presence for yourself. It’s how I got the book contract for [amazon_link id=”1118338596″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Online Reputation Management For Dummies[/amazon_link]. Wiley publishing came to me, asking me to submit a proposal. You could have knocked me over with a feather, but that’s a different story!

Check out the interview while you check your email or Facebook. It’s fun!

What kinds of listening & messaging systems do you have in place? Want help?

Please share down below and I’ll give you my best advice. 🙂