Ditch in the NetherlandsResponding to bad reviews

Sometimes a bad review happens because somebody is misinformed about your brand. When this happens it’s a great opportunity for you to give people a clearer look into:


      *                Who you are

      *                What you do

      *                Who you do it for

      *                Why you do it

The most important thing you can possibly convey is why you got into this business in the first place.

I don’t want to buy music from a musician who heard that you can make a lot of money in that industry and follows a formula that he heard about from somebody else. I want something with soul, something that comes from the heart and reflects a grasp of true technical ability. I want to be swept up into the experience of somebody really sharing a piece of themselves, whether it’s just for fun, soul stirring poetry, or political statement. It just has to come from an authentic place and be done well.

People feel the same way about you and your brand.

They want something that they know you really care about. I have a friend who is a professional illustrator and she pours so much love and passion into her work that it’s impossible not to love it. Some ways that you can reflect your love of craft online are to

  • Ditch any wimpy, fake looking marketing ideas that somebody sold you because they’re “hot right now.” They’re hot for the person selling them, but you need something that shows your authenticity and why you’re worth a look, or maybe even a great review.
  • Write a great About page on your site that tells the story so that people understand why you’re doing this. They want to understand what makes you special and unique.
  • Take that great About page message and abbreviate it into a quick sentence or two and then use on review sites, your Facebook Page, and elsewhere online.
  • Share videos, where possible, that demonstrate your love of the craft. Show before and after stories, where applicable.
  • Share pictures of you or your team at work that reflect your pride in what you do. Cooking is fair game here, as are other more service related businesses.

It all comes down to demonstrating integrity in what you do. 

When your message matches the 4 W’s I list above you get better reviews almost overnight if your business is run well, because the confusion is over. 

Please scroll down to the comments section below and share your take on dealing with online reviews. If you’d like, I will share a post about what to do to be proactive about getting more good reviews online.


Photo credit: Ditch in the Netherlands