Have you ever read a book that changed you?

I’d love to know which books have transformed the way you view business and how you fit into it.

A few months ago Guy Kawasaki, former Chief Brand Evangelist for Apple, sent me an advance copy of his book to read. At SXSW I had the pleasure of telling him face to face how much I’ve enjoyed his latest book.

This has taken a while to review because Enchantment is no fly-through-the pages inspirational book with a few quick tips. Enchantment does inspire, but Guy packed top quality research and methodology into this book, making it more of a training program than a quick read on a flight. If you’re hungry for hands on, top quality strategy for building online community, this is the book for you.

I particularly enjoyed Chapter 3: “How to Achieve Trustworthiness.” Kawasaki is dead on accurate about doing right in this transparent, electronic word of mouth series of social networks we work and play in.

Need some delicious inspiration and hands on tools?

I suggest Enchantment.

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