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Faith restored!!

Friends, you know I’ve never gone here, but this is just too astonishing to let Facebook get away with it.

Because you matter. Your friends matter, your Mom, your brother or sister, your Dad, your nieces and nephews, your neighbors – they all matter. A lot. To me. And Facebook is taking a stand to keep a silly community page up that celebrates violent crime with a picture of a naked, bruised woman who looks like she’s just been victimized. If you’re anything like me, you don’t think this is funny, either. 

It started last night with a private, group message on Facebook. Some friends want it taken down, but they feel powerless. I think bored pranksters put it up, gleefully looking for emotional comments to feed their trolling habit.

Note: Please, please remember that the juiciest, most rewarding thing you can do for a troll is to play their game. Just stay cool and distance yourself.

We were positive Facebook would put down this insulting, crime celebrating, page pretty quickly, once they were notified.

We were mistaken!

Facebook responded with this message to me and the others from last night, after we reported the page: 


Thanks for your recent report of a potential violation on Facebook. After reviewing your report, we were not able to confirm that the specific page you reported violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Learn more about what we do and don’t allow by reviewing the Facebook Community Standards:


Give us feedback to let us know how we are doing:

Name and Shame

I’m deeply astonished. So I shared the story with Gawker, a huge blog that names and shames serious offenders, after I directly responded with this:

Dear Facebook, I reported a page condoning a particular crime that is illegal everywhere in the civilized world. And yet you responded back, saying this doesn’t violate your community standards. Why is it that on Facebook a mother can’t show a discreet picture of her breastfeeding infant, and yet hateful violence is OK? And even if that page is just being run by a bunch of bored, immature pranksters, isn’t this hate speech directed towards every age, race, gender, and creed? What about victims of violent crime? I’m a passionate supporter of free speech, but this is a bitter pill to swallow. Active perpetrators and cheerleaders for violent crime don’t need a support group here. I’m seriously disappointed. Please reconsider.

Why I’m not sharing a link right now

Even though, in my wildest dreams I fantasize about having a hugely influential blog where social media wrongs are righted and people are enabled to create massively beautiful lives for themselves, thanks to their stellar online reputations (won by doing the right thing by people and doing smart stuff online), the truth is that my sharing the link to the abominable page might well generate a few comments for the trolls. Even one comment rewards the trolls. And I’m told by a Facebook expert that there are lots of these pages. Some celebrate deadly disease, some violent crime – all are highly provocative and cruel, especially to those of us who have important people in our lives who have suffered from one or both.

Allowing this kind of “humor” in a social community where the official age of entry is 13 (though we know anybody can lie about their age) is seriously disturbing. 

Facebook, if you’e reading this… Change your mind and boot off those highly offensive, “humor” pages with shocking pictures of violence and disease! You say that you want to “make everything social.”

Then do the sociable thing and keep Facebook civilized.

Thank you!!

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NEWSFLASH!!! Just as I was about to hit “publish” and after much discussion on my Facebook profile, the dreadful link is gone!!!! 😀

Faith restored in social media rabble rousing for a GOOD cause!!