I call them “Dancing Elves” sites.

You’ve seen them …

Those dreadfully outdated sites with dancing elves (punch the monkey, etc.) on them indicating that a “special” is nearby and that you must whip out your wallet, stat, before this incredible opportunity passes you by. On a site that hasn’t been updated since Gutenberg’s big invention. It seems.

The usually have BIG BOLD LETTERING,

Lots and lots of rollovers and multiple calls to action that make you feel like you’ve clicked onto a shopping channel experience via someone’s site.

I call these “Dancing Elves” sites because they’re so typical of an approach that Seth Godin calls the “TV Industrial” complex. It’s an outdated, interruption based, feels like a TV commercial advertising that most of us are tired of.

And it makes me feel cheap.

But I want to know how YOU feel.

Dancing Elves sites: Turn Off (you don’t buy) or Turn On (you find yourself buying)?

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