Brain coral and cup of tea saying TeasMe Curiously Fabulous Brain Pleasers

Which is more memorable to you?

Boring lectures… or Playful Wit?

Everybody’s brand is different, but even the most prestigious, 50 shades of greyscale, corporate brands indulge in a bit of cheek now and then to great effect.

One way to do this is to teaseHave a little well meaning fun with your visitor. *cue sassy instrumental* Reveal a tantalizing bit of information. Share a partial picture or a video snip.

What kind of Art or Skill do you offer?

Want some ideas for how to lift your “serious” content into something more engaging and exuberant? Please scroll down to the comments and tell me. I’ll give you my candid opinion.

Arouse your visitor’s curiosity enough to take the next step.

Here’s mine: If you’re entertaining the idea of delving a lot deeper into this social marketing idea ~ It’s got a money back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose but time and profits… 😉

Over the years I’ve teased together a perfect recipe for joy and success online

Roasted-Garlic-Macaroni-and-Cheese example for how to sell your art online course recipeIt works like one of those great recipes where you can play with the ingredients for the rest of your life as long as you get the proportions right on what matters most. There are probably a million ways to make mac and cheese, including gooey smoked gouda, and cheddary baked versions. Yet, you can create a new one every week if you want, because the basic recipe, the formula, works: noodles, gooey cheesy stuff to bind them, seasonings, and heat. The trick is in doing it WELL… 🙂

(Take a peek at Gordon Ramsey’s Twitter account for a laugh if you want to see him roast other people’s food pictures. Hilarious! )

If you’re looking at creating a global business and appreciate a playful, mythological perspective mingled with practical technical advice, I suggest you take my How To Sell Your Art Online course. It’s pays for itself almost immediately, it covers the basics, including the mental/emotional blocks most people experience, (and how to move through them!), and is the award-winning formula that works so well Wiley Publishing asked me to write a book about it for them.

Take A Look.

All my courses are money back guaranteed for any reason – for a year. So you really can’t miss.

You’ll have everything you need to know and more to decide whether creating a global brand is for you and you’ll have a detailed recipe for how to do it.

Let’s do this! 🙂