There’s so much to say I hardly know where to begin!

Picture this, if you will:

Hubby and I are driving to Harry Potter World to meet friends over a pint of Butter Beer on Labor Day Weekend. During a lull I casually check messages and see what’s going on.

Suddenly I’m yelling “F&*% Me Hard!!” and bursting into tears. Hubby continues to drive carefully, looking over at me and cautiously asking if everything is alright. This isn’t an everyday occurrence and he wasn’t sure whether this was an invitation, a wail of despair, or a thrilling moment.

There were no words.

Wiley Publishers asked me to submit a book proposal for one of their famous “For Dummies” books!!!!

Fast forward a few months:

I wrote my first book proposal. They chose mine and offered me a book deal the week before Christmas! It’s set to publish around Labor Day this year. As you can see, this is a very holiday oriented process and why not? I’m celebrating!

My book is “Online Reputation Management for Dummies.”

It will be 360 pages full of specific, hands on teaching goodness for what every blogger and company needs to know to grapple with online reputation management these days.

What’s in it for you?

Lots of up to the minute information, inspiration, and encouragement on how to create, maintain, and trouble shoot for your brand’s reputation via online content, especially social media.

I’m throwing the doors open this first week of 2012 and asking you for any questions at all you might have concerning ORM. It’s going to be an informative year!! If you have friends or colleagues who have been searching for this kind of information, please share my complimentary newsletter subscription link with them so they can start getting informed.

Happy New Year!!