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  • Still Hope for Google Reader Today

    As you may know, my hubs is a serious Nerd.

    Ever since he heard that Google is going to cancel it’s Google Reader product he’s been quietly mourning and shaking his head in disbelief. 

    Minus the “big people” words, this video tells the story pretty well. It’s hilarious, at least. 🙂

    Google Reader Icons
    Google Reader

    There’s still hope.

    Hubs discovered this rapidly escalating Petition to Keep Google Reader running. I have nothing to do with the project, but it doesn’t cost anything and looks pretty legit. 

    If you love Nerds or if you are one yourself, please consider signing this petition. I use Newsfire for Mac, but am still signing as my way of standing up with the countless many who wander aimlessly today over this announcement. 🙂

    Do you use an RSS reader? Did you even know that it stands for Really Simple Syndication? Please scroll down to the comments below and share how you feel about Google’s decision to can Google Reader!

  • Announcing Free Pinterest Teleconference

    Boys and Girls, I’ve never hosted a Teleconference call but Pinterest calls for something really special.

    As a kick-off to my Spring Cleaning series, I’m giving a free Pinterest marketing strategy call on March 7, 2012, at noon EST. I’m going to sit down with you and show you exactly how to set up your Pinterest account in a way that will:

    • Turbo boost your online visibility
    • Pull together your marketing with an organized, systematic approach
    • Drive traffic to your gorgeous site!
    You will come away with a clear plan for what you want on Pinterest and know exactly what to do about it.
    You are getting access to the goods before I publish it on my Newsletter tomorrow. 😀
    Please email me at [email protected] with your name, email, and write PINTEREST CALL in the subject line so I can get you set up asap while there’s still room. It’s free. 🙂
    I presented at BlogWorld and other places last year on Grow Your Blog Now Via Social Media and have had tremendous results and response. Don’t get left out!
    Want to see the video?
  • Breaking News: Google Plus Business Pages Here! Almost…

    Have you been waiting with bated breath for Google Plus to open up for Business Pages already?

    Lots and lots of you continue to ask me when the happy day will arrive so that you can get on board as soon as possible.  It’s a good idea for most business owners, unless you are still getting up to speed with Facebook, Twitter, or feel like you are drowning from the symptoms of:

    Social Media Addictive Personality

    – Clammy hands when you’ve been away from an electronic device for more than 15 minutes.

    – Heart palpitations because somebody retweeted your favorite article about something funny… again.

    – A feeling of constantly being behind in a huge race towards… what?

    – Being face to face with loved ones and friends and thinking about your next status update instead of THEM.

    Here’s an article that details Google Plus’ release of business pages more closely, but I must tell you that I searched thoroughly and they’re not ready quite YET. Teasers. I’ll let you know the minute they’re available. Here’s the blessed link:

    Meanwhile, I’m working on a lengthier post/quiz or Social Media Addictive Personality. Have I missed anything? 😉

    Wishing you happy computing, happy time with your loved ones, and wildly successful, over the top, professional success.


  • NEW: How to Guard Your Posts on Google Plus

    Picture this:

    You’ve found something really funny and a little off color, or want to share a one of those embarrassing wedding pictures with some of your friends/family, but you really don’t want just anybody to see it or (God forbid) to circulate it for all the world to see, with your name attached to it.

    What do you do?

    The conventional wisdom is always and will ever be to refrain from posting it, plain and simple. But if what you want to share is fun, harmless, and just something you’d rather not share with everybody, then you can now designate BEFORE you post so that it’s locked from sharing or from comments being added.

    This video shows you how:


    One thing that I’m just loving about Google Plus is the way they’re being so responsive to questions and comments from subscribers.

    What else would you like to know about Google Plus?

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