I’m all about appealing to the senses.

It’s a well known fact that appealing to our senses and emotions is a powerful way to connect with people. Since only about 7% of communication has to do with spoken content (if that), then this makes perfect – sense. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Back in the days when I had a gorgeous and lively boutique, we always kept scented candles burning, good music playing, neat things to touch, and had attention grabbing visual displays. It’s all part of the experience. People want to shop at cute upscale boutiques to get away for a few minutes, take a breather, and escape into a delightful experience that’s totally different from their home or work.

So I get the whole concept of appealing to the senses.

What I don’t get is ScentAir’s idea of spreading fragrance to entire hotels and huge public venues because people react to scent differently and they can’t get away from it if it’s bothering them.  You’ve been down the ubiquitous perfume aisle in an anchor store at your local mall!  It’s toxic to lots of people because the fragrances are so intense and are normally synthetic, which can trigger allergies.  At the shop we had the most success with all natural candles, but every now and then somebody would have to wait outside for their wife/friends because of allergies.  We did sell an awful lot of gifts and merchandise, however, because of those lovely scented candles.  Most people loved the way the shop smelled.

So here’s the question: If you were the decision maker at a large venue/event and were approached by a company such as ScentAir, would you hire them?