Do you know who this is? I’ll bet you do.

George Clooney's Yearbook PictureDid you ever dream about doing something really big and then decide that it’s safer to settle for less?

I believe that the most reckless thing you can do is to disregard your instincts.

My focus is basically styling brands to bring out the best in them and showcase them online. This gets my heart pumping and gets me all glowey at the thought of helping somebody to really shine online with all they’ve got.

At first I did it with web design and consulting. Now I’m doing it by developing courses and consulting. It doesn’t sound so radically different in writing but it feels so foreign, so strange, and in the midst of it all I’m researching like mad to write the best stuff I can for Online Reputation Management for Dummies, which publishes in September 2012.

I’m telling you this because change can feel strange, even when you’re doing the right thing for you. 

Personal (or business) evolution is always awkward and takes longer than you think it should.

Look at this kid. His name happens to be George Clooney. Can you see the resemblance now?

Don’t worry if your online business looks more like a yearbook picture and not quite like the Oscar nominated movie star right now. You’ll get there as long as you keep following your instincts and doing the work.