I refuse to call it Social Media Marketing anymore.

That term has become associated only with selling stuff online and completely overlooks some seriously vital needs that have evolved. Your seriously vital needs.

I’m creating a new term: Social Presence

Social Presence is who you are (reputation), what you do (publicity), and why it’s important (marketing).

Let’s say you’ve finally opened that artisanal bakery, film studio, or heirloom tomato sauce company that’s going to delight people far and wide with something truly wonderful. Your potential customers expect to find you online, to learn more about who you are, what you do, and what other people are saying about you. You’ve got to create a legitimate Social Presence if anybody’s going to pay attention to you outside your city block. And you want them to.

The entire online world is at literally at your fingertips and you’d be nuts not to establish yourself there so that people who will love you will be able to find you.

This is where a little Bruce Lee philosophy helps.

May I tell you a little story?

Back in 1940 a mostly Chinese couple in San Francisco gave birth to their fifth child. While he was still a little kid his family moved to Hong Kong and he found himself fighting with the other kids – a lot. They made fun of him because he was a quarter Caucasian. He used every one of those fights to develop his martial arts skills and style.

This kid, Bruce Lee, grew up and became the most influential and powerful martial artist of the last century, creating his own martial arts style and philosophy. The producers of Enter The Dragon, his last film, said he was a true star: not a movie star, but a Comet.

Why is this important and how does it relate besides the fact that it was my favorite movie when I trained for my black belt in TaeKwonDo years ago?

Bruce Lee understood heartfelt FOCUS.

We don’t achieve amazing results without a clear, heartfelt, disciplined focus on what matters… and the ability to tune out what doesn’t matter in that setting.

How to create a powerful Social Presence:

  • Think about what you’re saying.
  • Think about what you want
  • Think about which networks will get you there
  • Focus on what works
  • Pay attention to what’s going on around you
  • Only invest your time where it’s going to get you results
  • Put your heart into it

I have a few spots left for people who are serious about taking control of their Social Presence, discovering where their sweet spot is online, and getting one to one help applying a powerful, focused social strategy.