There’s nothing worse that a bad case of brain itch.  You’ve tried everything from taking a long walk, talking it through with a friend,  and a having a nice glass of wine with dinner.  You wake up and as you stretch and greet the day this brain itch nags at you, creeping into your every train of thought until you are consumed with the need to break free from it’s tentacular grasp before you lose your sanity.  What. To. Do?

This dire condition afflicted me the day before a Q & A with the Third Tribe Marketing Group.  It was time to see the Drs. Brogan and Simone, two of the most seasoned online marketing minds today.

The Doctor is in!

The Brain Itch Condition

The night before I’d received a request for a marketing proposal from a wildly intelligent, enterprising woman who created a gorgeous coffee table book that presents some unique marketing challenges. While a regular ad agency would have created a plan, executed it, and then blamed her book or the economy for not selling it quickly enough, I can’t bear the thought of taking somebody’s money and not delivering their desired result.

Several years ago I owned a brick and mortar specialty boutique and wasted thousands of dollars on “word of mouth” and “buzz” before I figured out my own social media strategy that made me a lot of money. I know how it feels to watch your money flutter by in the wind generated by empty promises and don’t want to do that to anybody!

I was suffering from an advanced case of brain itch trying to figure out an affordable way to sell a lot of copies within a short time frame.  I just didn’t see it and needed to be sure I wasn’t missing any information in this equation before I turned down the request for proposal, which isn’t fun. At all.  I treasure my relationships, so this was really hard.

Brogan’s Brain Itch Cure

The Q & A covered a lot, but there was no time left for my question.  Sonia Simone did answer me privately, telling me my instincts are right and that there’s nothing I was missing in terms of online marketing.  That made me feel really good, but still awful in terms of having to break the news.  But then, imagine my surprise and delight when the next morning Chris Brogan posted a detailed, step by step plan for my would be client and anybody else who is trying to market a book they’ve written!

I’m honored beyond words and am totally grateful!!!!

My now friend has this information along with my best free marketing advice on how to apply it and my conscience is clear.  I get a signed copy of her gorgeous book, a photo shoot with my dogs, and the brain itch is all gone.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Chris Brogan and The Third Tribe!!!!!

Here’s “An Author’s Plan for Social Media Efforts.”

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