Just today I learned about a different, new feature on Facebook and was all set to record a video tutorial. I checked my RSS reader before getting started and


(regards to Emeril)

There’s this cool breaking newsflash about Facebook’s adding a “Send” button!

What Facebook’s new “Send” button ISN’T:

  • A replacement for the “like” button. If you have a Facebook Page and have been building a fan base please take a deep breath right now and let the warm fuzzies surround you. You’re OK. Your Page is OK. There’s just this new functionality that can potentially boost your Page’s rankings via Facebook’s algorithms. Why is this important? The more Facebook’s algorithms like you, the more they post you on the coveted newsfeed.

What Facebook’s new “Send” button IS:

  • Something more private, which is good news for me because everything isn’t for everybody to see. Don’t you agree?
  • A relief to your eyes vis-a-vis the cluttered newsfeed

Want to know more?

In their own words, hot off the press from Facebook’s developer’s blog:

How It Works
The Send button is a social plugin that websites can use to let people send a link to a friend through Facebook Messages, post it to a Group, or email it to an individual. For example, if you see a Mother’s Day gift idea on 1-800-Flowers.com, you can now send a message or email to your family members to discuss. Or say you’re training for a marathon and you come across a great article about running shoes on The Huffington Post. Now you can share it with your entire running group in just one click.

The Send button drives traffic by letting users send a link and a short message to the people that would be most interested. They don’t need to leave the web page they’re on or fill out a long, annoying form. Compared to the alternatives, the Send button has fewer required steps, and it removes the need to look up email addresses by auto-suggesting friends and Groups.

Want the “Send” button code for yourself?

I did too. Here’s a link.