Have you been waiting with bated breath for Google Plus to open up for Business Pages already?

Lots and lots of you continue to ask me when the happy day will arrive so that you can get on board as soon as possible.  It’s a good idea for most business owners, unless you are still getting up to speed with Facebook, Twitter, or feel like you are drowning from the symptoms of:

Social Media Addictive Personality

– Clammy hands when you’ve been away from an electronic device for more than 15 minutes.

– Heart palpitations because somebody retweeted your favorite article about something funny… again.

– A feeling of constantly being behind in a huge race towards… what?

– Being face to face with loved ones and friends and thinking about your next status update instead of THEM.

Here’s an article that details Google Plus’ release of business pages more closely, but I must tell you that I searched thoroughly and they’re not ready quite YET. Teasers. I’ll let you know the minute they’re available. Here’s the blessed link: https://plus.google.com/pages/create

Meanwhile, I’m working on a lengthier post/quiz or Social Media Addictive Personality. Have I missed anything? 😉

Wishing you happy computing, happy time with your loved ones, and wildly successful, over the top, professional success.