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How would this person make your clients feel?

Launching a major brand’s Social Media presence isn’t easy

There are all kinds of issues to consider, but when everything’s figured out, such as

  • Who decides what the message(s) will be
  • Who sets the tone
  • Where you will post
  • How you will post
  • What monitoring tools you will use
  • Who will be monitoring via those tools
  • Why you even have an online presence
  • How you will handle online crisis

How to make your brand’s social media 10x better

If you do this one thing, all of your social media policy evolutions and plans will go 10x better. LISTEN to what people are actually saying to (and about) you online and then respond by genuinely helping, rather than being defensive or trying to sell something.

What’s the best brand experience you’ve ever had online? Please scroll down to the comments below and tell me. 🙂

Photo credit: Healthy Psychology Consultancy