Water BabiesBrain children can be the life and death of you.

They can suck you dry, worry you senseless, and yet deliver a sense of calm and completeness that satisfies beyond description.

This is your greatest place of effectiveness:

When you’re nurturing your brain children you’re nurturing your creativity, which makes you a happy and productive person.

And isn’t that the point of being in business for yourself? Being happy and successful?

I’ve been lucky enough to experience a phenomenal increase in my business since I got clear about what I want to do and who I want to do it for. Everyday is an adventure figuring out how I’m going to fit it all in, but it’s deeply satisfying.

Your turn: What kind of professional activity satisfies you on a deeper level? What feeds you, both internally and has the capacity to pay the bills?

Give yourself a chance to pursue it, even if it’s only in your spare time when you can squeak some out.  You’ll be so happy you did! Getting laid off was my impetus to do lots of technical training and refining what I want to do, so in a very weird, uncomfortable sort of way I’m lucky. Very lucky, now that the phase of stumbling around in the dark is over! Now I get to innovate without knowing what’s around the next corner, but at least there’s a satisfying business now.

What do YOU want to do for a living?