Somewhere between this evening’s keynote and my first party of the evening, (yeah, we’ll see how long my feet last) I just have to squeak out a very quick, very heartfelt shout out to you. The content here at BlogWorld is amazing and I feel very privileged to be able to pick the brains of people who are the best in the business instead of trying to learn everything on my own… all at once.

This morning’s panel moderated by Wendy Piersall is an example. She’s the Rock Star Goddess of Blog monetization and I got to listen to her panel ooze expertise and generously share their hard earned wisdom in negotiating these tricky and largely uncharted waters.

More about Wendy and the amazing bloggers on her panel soon.

But I just want to tell you this has been phenomenal so far and it’s nowhere near over!

Thank God for Dr. Scholl’s blister bandaids btw… Those new heels I wore on Tuesday were killers with my heavy computer bag! :p