Dear friend and fellow Social Media Expert Eureka Janet asked some of “Us Girls” about her blog length. She’s quite a wise and wonderful character and if you don’t already know her please check out her new blog here.

Here’s my response. I’m sharing it because it’s really important information for all bloggers.

“First of all, LOVE your new site design Missy!! I love your colors and your new focus on Artists. You’re a natural!

In response to your question, usually it’s guys who worry about the length, but I’ll reassure you as well. (Did I really say that? See what you do to me!!) With mobile device usage climbing at an astronomical rate you’re nuts to write a lot of long posts. Who wants to read War and Peace via their iPhone? Not me. I’m actually trying for short, pithy posts that get the message out there in 200 words or less these days, with an occasional info-bomb that’s up to 500 words, with lots of pictures/videos to break things up.

The human eye is a delicate, fragile creature of whimsey. It needs to be romanced and treated right. Long posts hurt. I think you’re on the right track”

What do you think? Are shorter blog posts sweeter or do you want something more substantive?


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