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Years ago everybody in college, your first job, and most likely your well meaning family and friends, told you that you that if you were going to be in business you had to sacrifice your femininity and your individuality on the altar of “getting ahead” and “being professional.” Let’s not forget “being good,” which generally meant apologizing for being human and managing the best cover up possible, instead of being the real live person you were born to be. See photo at left. 

  • You wore uncomfortable clothes. 
  • You stifled your loud, snorty, or goofy laugh because you were afraid of drawing “non-professional” attention to yourself. 
  • You denied your own unique experience in this thing we call life in order to “fit in.”
  • You resented it, but felt like you had no choice.
  • You secretly listened to the Purple Rain album and sang along at the top of your lungs to every word while driving to work. Oh wait, that’s just me! 
    Prince from Purple Rain
    Prince knows how to fly his freak flag way high!
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Online business is different because

  • People really value authenticity, even when you’re a weirdo, if you do it with integrity.
  • Lucky for you, people don’t want dry, boring, canned, “professional” speeches.
  • People want to do business with a person, not a sterile, faceless logo.
  • People trust you a lot faster (and do business with you) when you let the facade go and just be yourself.

Often sharing your most demanding, scary struggle (and how you overcame it) can be the point where people connect with you. In other words, let your freak flag fly a little so people can get to know you. This is the place of power for you where everything breaks loose and your business skyrockets to the next level. I’m planning a live workshop series this Spring that helps with this and more. Please sign up for my newsletter if you want more information as this freak flag unfurls and waves high. 🙂

So what’s surprising, fun, weird,  or freaky about you? Please scroll down to the comments below and fly your freak flag high and proud! 😀