Birthing Change Creative Visibility Lori Randall Stradtman

Being a woman artist entrepreneur means birthing a vision.

We gestate.

We birth.*

And we lovingly tend.

Fear of the unknown can downright paralyze me sometimes. The only way I get through is by making friends with it. Oceans of successful people are known to say:

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

For me, making friends with it feels more integral.

Am not denying my feelings or how my body might constrict, but graciously accept that this is quaking is going on and that it’s simply a sign that something magnificent might be in the works, if only I’ll push through and allow it to pass.

When you have a beautiful vision of what you want to share with the world it requires consistent tending.

What are your tricks for when you know you’re supposed to charge forward but you’re afraid of what might happen?

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* Oh, and by the way, when my kids were young I used to teach childbirth education and serve as a doula during childbirth. 🙂 Can’t help but notice the similarities!