This week I attended the most unusual professional networking event imaginable.

Really.  In my wildest imagination I never pictured a bunch of professional women in Georgia, of all places, stripping down to the barest of essentials and painting up to raise money for breast cancer research.

I never intended on participating.

Almost nobody did.  But my dear friend Denise Ricks stood up and said she was going to participate, along with a couple of breast cancer survivors.  “What are you going to do,” I thought, “let them do this all alone and feel like dweebs?”  So I chirped up and said that, even though I was mortified at the thought, that if somebody else would stand up with me that I’d do this painting activity at the end of the meeting.  And people volunteered.

At the end of the evening, they locked the doors, provided wine (an essential for me),

fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, and an assortment of canvases and paints.  And though I had every intention of hiding in the back of the room behind a curtain, Beth Borden-Goodman, an inspirational breast cancer survivor for 2 years, stripped down right in front of me and showed me her scars from reconstructive surgery.  It was no time to be a sissy in front of so much courage, so I did the right thing and bared down, painted up, and made a work of “art.” It looks like a pair of eyes, so I painted “Here’s looking at you!” at the bottom.

If  there’s enough response and I’m very brave, I’ll post a picture …

Even though my Dad passed away from pancreatic cancer a few years ago, and his sister from breast cancer a few years before that, I somehow haven’t made a point of checking the “girls” every month.  But I must. And so must you if you’ve got them!

Beth caught her cancer early and is gorgeous and full of life right now because of it.

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And now, because it’s just too irresistible and fun, I’ll squeeze in a

Fun, sexy, smart breast self-exam from The bOOb Lady, Elisabeth Squires