Just yesterday I finished researching an in depth article about Facebook’s new privacy settings.

It was absolutely fascinating to discover so many involved ways you can take control over your posts, videos, and pictures once they’re up there on Facebook.  Once they’ve been copied anywhere else, however, it’s open season!!

The trick is learning the difference between revealing potentially damaging sensitive or controversial information and being authentic.

There’s a balance in most cases and it’s something that’s hard to define, except when it comes to politics and religion.  Most people can agree that those are hot topics that are guaranteed to provoke a response.

But when a school teacher in Georgia can get fired because she was holding a wine glass in her Facebook profile pic, a little caution is in order!

Another instance involves H.M., a woman I interviewed for the article.  I have her permission to tell this story, but am keeping her name private.  She lost a really good job because her profile pic showed that she had a tattoo.  She had it put on very strict privacy settings, but didn’t realize that Facebook indexes profile pictures so that outside search engines can find them.

Where do you draw the line between authenticity and overshare?

Do you worry about what people will think about you because of your content on Facebook? Why or why not?