OK, now that I have your attention, I’d like to show you something else that’s really important:

Horse racing

How long are you going to let your competition race ahead of you?!

How to race ahead:

Step 1: Figure Out Who Your People Are

Step 2: Figure out How to Shower The People You Love With Love

Step 3: As you go (don’t wait for perfection because your competition isn’t) ask yourself: What kind of business do I REALLY have?

You may be surprised.  Things aren’t always as they seem.  I do design work, but the bulk of my added value lies in having lots of experience in and success with Social Media marketing.  Since it’s a hybrid, I have to remember that and adjust accordingly.

What do you do?

My friend Claire Wagner is a professional writer with a wickedly sharp bent towards technology and nonprofits.  It’s pretty high level copywriting and she has a fantastic reputation, so she can pick and choose her clients.  Her people are mostly personal referrals, but she’s also open for especially captivating work, I’m sure.  Her interactive site and Facebook Fan Page serve as a sort of online resume that works very well for her.

Peggy Herrman is a highly credentialed Conflict Resolution expert, so my advice to her was totally different in terms of who her people are and where to find them.   I suggested “DocPeg is IN,” complete with Tuesday Twitter office hours of 4-5 EST with the hashtag of #docpeg. Given her bubbly and fearless personality, she will thrive, lots of people will get spot on free advice, and the world will just a little a better place to be in, right? Not bad! Plus, when somebody hears about a conflict in the workplace, religious center, or even a community landfill conflict, people will know she’s available to intervene and make the peace without costly and angst ridden legal proceedings. Everybody wins.

Neal McGaha is a superb painter who meets potential clients on a daily business as he caddys at a world class golf course. People ask him for his card and for a website where they can see more of his golf art online, because it’s so distinctive and his eye is superb.  He knows who his people are, but needed a way to show them his work that would work with their schedules and his. Now he’s doing very well with his art business not because he became a better painter (which he probably has!) but because his work is getting exposure online, where his clients need for it to be. After so many requests from his would-be clients, he finally engaged me to create a social savvy site for him that is working very well!!

These are fun success stories about OTHER people’s businesses, but…

What’s been useful for YOU in determining how to market your business online? What would you like to learn more about?

(Tomorrow we talk about YOUR business)