Newsworthy NailsEverybody seems to be jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon lately.

And why not? It’s fun, wildly addictive, and will get you embellishing your manicure with newspaper print in no time. Or so I hear. 😉

I have a link that shows you exactly how to do it right now, but I must warn you that it’s more of a “Fearless Geek’s Guide” than an “easy peasy” guide for most of us.

Before you get started adding a Pinterest tab to your Facebook Page I want you to consider the following things:

  • Do I sell artwork or tangible items like jewelry or home accessories?
  • Do I want to invest the time to keep up with my Pinterest account and keep it interesting?
  • Is my time online better spent elsewhere?
If were money, where would you be getting the most bang for your buck? If it’s not Pinterest then I suggest you move on. Very few people click on extra tabs on Facebook, though they are cute and enticing sometimes. I just want you to know the facts before you invest time or money in something that might not yield the best results. 

My friend Kelby Carr is just publishing [amazon_link id=”1118328000″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Pinterest for Dummies[/amazon_link] Snap up if this is going to be an important part of your social marketing.

What’s your story with Pinterest? Do you think it boost your particular brand? Please scroll down to the comments below and share!