Question of the day: If you had a “Jillion” dollars and didn’t need to work for money AT ALL, what would you do with your time?  I mean, after paying off all the bills, vacationing in exciting foreign locales till you can’t take it anymore, hiring a yard service, a cleaning service, and a dog walking service for those times when it just isn’t convenient, and a personal trainer.  Am I missing anything?  What’s that? You want you own paradise island in the Pacific?  OK, that too.

Now that we’ve cleared all of that out of the way with your Jillion Dollar jackpot:

How would you really like to spend your time?

No genuine response is too trivial or too “out there.”  Interests can turn into profitable passions when you invest your  time and attention into them.  Think about the successful playwrights, artists, and authors that didn’t even start down that path until they hit their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or beyond.  So don’t even start with me about your age. 😉

I’m asking because this has everything to do with your voice in your branding.  It has to do with who you really are instead of who you might thing you ought to be in order to keep the people around you fixed.

The minute you let your authentic voice be heard on something you know about people begin to listen.  Because something beyond words is expressed that’s extremely powerful.

It’s you.

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