A few weeks ago I wrote an in depth article for Social Media Examiner called 8 Keys to Blogging Success. I’m breaking it up into bite sized pieces and going into some more detail so that we can talk about this.


#4: Are You Brave?

Saying what you really think can be difficult, even when you’ve thoroughly researched your subject. Having an opinion and being able to share some of yourself as you defend it are crucial to building trust with your audience.

The other part of being brave is dealing with confrontational comments. If you’re putting yourself out there with an opinion, odds are good that people who disagree will respond.

Responding to these people fairly and gracefully takes mettle and humility sometimes. They might have fascinating points that you didn’t consider.

This has to be done to foster honest and real thought development on a subject. We bounce thoughts and ideas off of one another, and while it’s usually invigorating, sometimes it can be scary!

blogging isnt for chickens.jpg
Blogging isn’t for chickens!

Tomorrow we’ll cover the next key to Blogging success.

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