globe map on hands telling 6 reasons to go global LocationHi! I’m so happy you’ve found me and am honored you’re taking a moment to breathe in a little and skim my post.


6 Reasons To Go Global Part #2: Location, Location, Location!

Maybe your kids are in the perfect school for them, but you’re suffering because clients for your art or service simply aren’t plentiful where you live. Are you worrying about how you’re going to help take care of your parents while earning money? I had committed to staying in my house so my children could have the best life possible, but it REALLY put me in a pinch because of the economy.  It turned out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me professionally, but more on that later. 😉

St. Teresa in Costa Rica introducing Module 7 Meditation eCommerce for ArtistsSome reasons the location’s better when you go global:

  • You can live wherever your heart desires. I’ve worked from Costa Rica, France, Italy, London, Las Vegas, and my little home town in Georgia, all without skipping a beat.
  • You can use the space you already have.
  • You have more than enough buyers for what you’re offering, no matter how obscure, if it’s of quality.
  • You save on commute and “work uniform” clothes!
  • Your spouse, parents, and/or kids get to have the kind of life they want, without your having to sacrifice.



Destiny is in our own hands. If we don’t succeed, it’s our own fault.

Elon Musk

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(Take a peek at Gordon Ramsey’s Twitter account for a laugh if you want to see him roast other people’s food pictures. Hilarious! )

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