6 reasons to go global flexible hoursHi! I’m so happy you’ve found me and am honored you’re taking a moment to breathe in a little and skim my post.

6 Reasons To To Global Part 3: Flexible Hours!

If you’re like I was, you struggle to take care of your children, your home, and (oh yes!) yourself most days. Add a spouse and/or parents to care for and you’ve got yourself several full time jobs. Yet, if you’re like most of us, you still need the income in order to provide your family with a better life. When I went back to college full time I took classes during the day, took care of my family until bedtime, and then studied and wrote papers until they were done. I often woke up in the wee hours of the morning to get a project finished before the kids got up. It was the same when I started Social Media Design! Believe it or not, I loved the flexibility of being ALL THERE for my kids while they were home from school. I loved being able to cook them dinner and to keep my finger on the pulse of their every day lives.

That was worth A LOT to me and I’ve never regretted working flexible hours so I could have it all. Plus, I learned how to work smarter, faster, because when results are all that matter,  putting in hours becomes silly. You work better. You feel energized instead of checking the clock.

Espresso cups at machine - flexible hours 6 reasons to go globalMore reasons the flexibility’s better when you go global:

  • Your art or service are results based, so you can create systems and work a LOT smarter.
  • You get to live the kind of life you want.
  • You get to vacation exactly whenever you please.
  • You experience family time just the way you want it.

Exchanging Our Pain

The pain of not reaching our potential, the pain of being overlooked, the pain of not being heard.

The pain of being a cog, of not fitting in enough, never enough. The pain of having to measure up in a world that keeps telling us that we don’t.

So many live with that pain because the alternative is hard to consider.

The alternative is to experience the pain of being free. The pain of saying, “here, I made this.” The pain of living with the opportunity to make a difference.

There’s no pain-free path. But at least you can do something that matters.

Seth Godin

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