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6 Reasons To Go Global Part 4: Online Community Turbo Charges Success

If you’re like me, you’ve got terrific friends and family who don’t have any idea about what you do or how you do it. Even if you’re an artist, they might not understand your work or have a frame of reference to really appreciate what you’re creating. You’re just you to them, and not this artist or blossoming entrepreneur.

That can get awfully frustrating when you’re looking for referrals or to simply chat about business together. And it doesn’t promote your work online one bit.

Online community, on the other hand, is the most powerful thing that can possibly happen to ignite your success online.

And it’s fun.

When you enter into a playful circle of people doing something similar to you the sky is the limit because you build links, share audiences, and propel one another up and up. I the specifics on exactly how to create that for yourself in my How To Sell Your Art Online course. More about that below…

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Global Marketing Strategy

More reasons Community is powerful when you go global:

  • You’re talking with people who “get” this part of you.
  • You receive 24/7 support in some fashion or form.
  • You expand your audience reach exponentially, because your kindred spirits’ friends are likely to “get” and enjoy you too.
  • You build a ton more traffic, which boosts how high up the page(s) you show up on a Google search.
  • You build a bunch more links, which Google rewards with higher ranking.

Motivation is a lot like showering. It’s useful, but it doesn’t last,

so you need to repeat it often.

Zig Ziglar

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Over the years I’ve crafted a perfect recipe for success online

Roasted-Garlic-Macaroni-and-Cheese example for how to sell your art online course recipeIt works like one of those great recipes where you can play with the ingredients for the rest of your life as long as you get the proportions right on what matters most. There are probably a million ways to make mac and cheese, including gooey smoked gouda, and cheddary baked versions. Yet, you can create a new one every week if you want, because the basic recipe, the formula, works: noodles, gooey cheesy stuff to bind them, seasonings, and heat. The trick is in doing it WELL… 🙂

(Take a peek at Gordon Ramsey’s Twitter account for a laugh if you want to see him roast other people’s food pictures. Hilarious! )

If you’re looking at creating a global business and want to know a lot more about what’s involved, I suggest you take my How To Sell Your Art Online course. It’s cheap, it covers the basics, including the mental/emotional blocks most people experience, (and how to move through them!), and is the award-winning formula that works so well Wiley Publishing asked me to write a book about it for them.

Take A Look.

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You’ll have everything you need to know and more to decide whether creating a global brand is for you and you’ll have a detailed recipe for how to do it.

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