Have you been worried about how many people can see your New Year’s Eve party pictures from last year that your friends thoughtfully posted and tagged?  You know, the that shows you with a drink in your hand, dress cut low for the occasion, and with dark red lipstick where you’re giving the photographer the finger – all in good fun?

Or how about that huge temporary dragon tattoo that you got on vacation with the kids?  I actually did get a temporary, air brushed tattoo of a dolphin on my back last summer and had the bikini pics to go with it, all tagged and everything, until I realized how I could take my images OFF of Facebook. It’s all well and good to share vacation pics with those who are close to you, but for everyone else? Hmm, maybe not so much.

Privacy is a beautiful thing.

That’s why when Social Media Examiner asked me to offer some suggestions for an article to write for them, I brought up Facebook’s new privacy settings.

A tsunami of bad PR

Not too long ago Facebook faced a storm of negative publicity about their privacy settings.  Congress even got involved! In response to this Mark Zuckerberg and all of his engineers got together to brainstorm a quick, easy to use solution to their PR nightmare.  They cleverly created a “master switch,” that does a great job at simplifying privacy settings, but it’s like installing a new front door.  Sure, the locks are easier to use and it works better, but how secure are the windows?  That’s what my article covers.

Protect Yourself!

The photo, off handed comment, or video you screen could cost you a job, as it did for a couple people that I interviewed when writing the post.  One showed a tattoo and the other had a glass of wine in her hand at a perfectly normal social occasion, but since she was a school teacher, some got irate and used her Facebook profile pic to get her humiliated and fired.

This is my post for Social Media Examiner: 4 Easy Ways to Control Your Facebook Privacy.

Enjoy!! 😀

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