Cat with shocked expressionWow.

That’s all I can say about now.

Was creating a new Facebook Fan Page for a client and encountered this heart stopper:

Facebook-Unavailable-due-to-site-issueFacebook isn’t letting me in right now.

To the Profile that I’ve had for over 5 and a half years, from being a full-time college student (again) taking classes with all the teens and twenty year olds, learning how to reinvent myself a la Communications. And so much more.

Could it be that I wrote too much? Did I break some rule by customizing my profile pic via this delicious “hack?” Don’t think so. It isn’t against any rules.

And I’ve been so nice, so complimentary towards Facebook most of the time… Providing all kinds of video tutorials for free on how to get more enjoyment out of it.

So I guess the question is… What would happen if they closed down my Profile and Page today?

What would you do?