With the constant, ever increasing tsunami of information being broadcast through Twitter at any given moment, day or night, is it any wonder we search for something to say that is meaningful and interesting – all in 140 characters or less, including spaces and punctuation?  At it’s heart, Twitter and every other form of Social Media is about relationship building.  Not everybody’s using it for that, but the people and organizations that are having success recognize that there are actual, real live PEOPLE who are looking at those Tweets!  If you’re reading my stuff, then you surely get this distinction because you haven’t fallen down the “Get Rich In 20 Seconds or Less With Twitter” rabbit hole where hundreds of dollars are spent learning how to get rich overnight.

That sort of advertising does actually deliver results when properly applied.  Results for the person holding the seminar where lots of people paid to participate and learn a bunch of baloney that only works on very naive people.  And really, you aren’t interested in that because anybody like that here would have clicked off a long time ago to a picture with involving boobs.  At the beach.  With a really hot sportscar.

Betty Boop by a Tesla on the Beach

You get the idea. 😉

In all seriousness though, when people with professional interest are checking in on Twitter there are actually 20 words that tend to catch our attention and signal that something potentially interesting is to follow.

Enjoy this list and dazzle us with your tweets! Are there any other terms or keywords that you’ve found to be eyecatching and fascinating?  Please share!










Please Retweet


Social Media

10 (or any number preceding a list)


How to


Blog Post

Check Out

New Blog Post

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