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Keeping it real

Maintaining Authenticity

There is a lot of confusion right now about what exactly it means to be authentic online. Although there will always be exceptions, it’s generally a good idea NOT to

      *                Use salty language online

      *                Comment on religious beliefs

      *                Opine about politics

      *                Share openly about your love life

      *                Share everything about your kids, if you have them.

      *                Tell all about your financial successes or failures. 

Some people have built successful brands around being foul mouthed, shocking, and full of bedtime stories. And I don’t mean the kinds of bedtime stories you read to your kids.  This is perfectly legitimate if it the kind of persona that you want to cultivate online as part of your brand. Some people are doing very well with this approach and I applaud their success. But understand that if you go there you should probably commit to it as part of your brand and not throw it in now and then, because it confuses your message. 

How do you talk to your best, most treasured friends? That’s a good starting point.

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