Happy fansExpand Your Brand By Giving Freely

This post is #3 in my “10 Ways to Create Happy Fans” series. Want to catch up? I’m including links after this important post.

Giving Away Your Expertise Freely

This doesn’t mean I want you to give away the candy store, but give generously with your valuable insights, training, information, or even encouragement. It makes all the difference between having a few lukewarm followers or a growing fan base of genuinely happy and enthusiastic brand ambassadors who will share your awesomeness with their friends online.

Speaking of giving freely, and every time you incentivize or recognize contributions from your community, you deepen the level of your relationship. You can reward them with something as simple as

  • featuring them in one of your blog posts, 
  • giving them sneak peeks of your new products and services, or 
  • inviting them to special events. 

Let them know that they are VIPs in your world, because they are.

What’s one of the greatest experiences you’ve had with somebody online? I guess dating stuff’s OK, but I think we both know I’m talking about business. 😉 Please scroll down to the comments below and tell me!

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