bald barbie
Bald is beautiful

As I research ever deeper into Online Reputation Management issues something’s getting really obvious:

Even some Fortune 100 companies aren’t listening to what people are saying to them online!

This article about “Bald Barbie” blows my mind because it’s such a missed opportunity. If you don’t want to read it I’ll give you a quick idea. Basically, a bunch of eager fans commented via Mattel’s Facebook page about how much they’d like to see them produce a “Bald Barbie” for kids to play with who are dealing with hair loss from chemotherapy. It’s about the most wonderful idea I can think of for Barbie to contribute to the community, especially since she’s already contributed an impossible beauty ideal.

If only Barbie were giving back!

Instead, Mattel just ignored these people and another company jumped on the opportunity to do something both so rewarding and financially clever.

The takeaway? Listen to what people are telling you online! This could have been the easiest slam-dunk for Mattel. Instead it’s more of a dunk.

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