What if animals could teach us how to have a happier, better workplace?

What would it be like if we allowed the BEST part of our animal nature to shine?

  • We’d cooperate effortlessly.
  • We’d have creative sessions that blow our minds.
  • We’d make a lot more money. Enjoyably. Sustainably.

Six months ago, at a conference of leading Futurists in London with Rohit Talwar and Nick Tsinonis, I experienced a shift so profound it changed the way I look at technology forever.

I’m creating a series of workshops and seminars for the workplace, that shows HOW to connect in a politically correct, often gender divided and frustrated workplace, while enjoying a better bottom line.

And having a lot more fun.

How do you honestly feel about gender relations in the workplace? Is there hope or are we doomed? Please scroll down and tell me how you see it. 🙂