just the facts joe friday dragnet What is Affect Heuristic? And can I catch it?

Affect Heuristic means that we tend to perceive what’s in front of us based on our… mood. Yeah. When you’re in a crabby mood, most of what you see and experience will tend to be processed through that “crabby” lens. And yes, it IS catchy, unless you consciously decide what kind of mood you choose to be in, which can be tricky, but is optimal.

You can help your visitors by giving them something to feel good about before laying facts on them.

We have an interesting balance these days because getting to the point is really valued, yet your point can be forgotten too soon if you don’t make it sensory, lighten our mood with humor or pleasure. Or, if you want to go over to the dark side of the force, fear. It’s also a powerful attention getter, but it creates other little online monsters to deal with.

As the author of Online Reputation Management For Dummies,

I could tell you stories for years about this and that situation gone horribly wrong, but I won’t. Just remember to dish out what you’d want to be served (kind, calm assertiveness) and 90% of issues resolve themselves.

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