A few weeks ago I wrote an indepth article for Social Media Examiner called 8 Keys to Blogging Success. I’m breaking it up into bite sized pieces and going into some more detail so that we can talk about this.

You certainly don’t need to wear this “Ninja Expert” hat in order to write something compelling about what you know, but…


#5: Are You Seasoned?

Do you understand your subject matter well enough to discuss it in your own terms? Chefs learn the basics before they go on to create their own mind-blowing recipes. You should too. Beginner’s luck is highly overrated.

Read as much as possible and take classes from the very best resources in your business. As you build a better framework of understanding you’ll be able to offer your readers much more than warmed-up leftovers from somebody else’s blog.

This also builds trust with your audience when you have the integrity to voice your own thoughts instead of ripping off someone else’s. If you love what somebody else is saying on your beloved topic, then please do quote and link, give attribution, celebrate his or her savvy, but don’t quietly copy. Get seasoned and say something of your own.


Tomorrow we’ll cover the next key to Blogging success.

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